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Signature Teas

India is a country with a rich and fabulous history, steeped in tradition and culture. The colors of India have mesmerized outsiders for centuries. Whether it’s the deep orange hues of the marigold flowers, the lush green fields ready for harvest , our colorful clothes or the spices that flavor our food, color is just everywhere. These colors are the simplest and purest expression of our vibrant culture.

In this Signature tea series we bring you the vibrancy of India through its colors and flavors.

The best artisanale Indian teas from across the subcontinent - black, green, oolong , white are hand blended with aromatic Indian herbs and spices to create these deeply flavorful chai blends

Single Estate

We have traveled the length and breadth of the Indian subcontinent to bring you this myriad range of the finest orthodox teas. The beautiful landscape of each place gives the tea it’s distinctive flavor palette.

From the majestic Himalayas in the north to the Gangetic plains in the east or the blue mountains in the South, we attempt to bring you the best teas that each area has to offer.

The tea leaves are lovingly picked and sorted by hand to create these artisanal teas that